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Higher State of Consciousnes ~ Does House Music get you there?

I hope you had a wonderful and fulfilling weekend House Luvies. One of my resolutions was to open my life to positive and beautiful things. So far so good. I watched a show with David Lynch speaking about his scholarship foundation. I have heard of the study of levels of consciousness before but not from his perspective. One of the scientists speaking made a nice statement that stayed with me. Let me share it.

We are Ripples on a Unified Field.

Anyways . . . their goal is to achieve unbounded awareness, therefore bringing about happiness therefore bringing about peace. It's nice to see something positive for a change.

Music does it for me. It always puts me in a happy place.

Here's a remix of Josh Winks State of Higher Consciousness by Dirty South. You know how I do.

Here's the original sugar lips. . .

Who is Josh Wink?

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