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I Love House Music

Why? . . . because it makes me feel good.

It penetrates my genetic code to cause a pleasant physical reaction. If you asked me to describe the feeling I would say it's exactly like standing up, then closing your eyes, then start spinning and finally throwing your hands up and out as you spin.

I do this move whenever I'm on the dance floor with lots of encouragement from my friends. Sorry if I bumped you but it's all good.

It's all


David Vendetta feat Keith Thompson - Break 4 Love

Who is David Vendetta?

French producer DJ David Vendetta has a radio show in Paris. His sound has been described as progressive, electro house. After hooking up with Roger Sanchez he is enjoying even more success and can be found spinning in the hottest clubs worldwide. One of his latest accolades was being nominated Dj of the Year for NRJ Music Awards 2007.

Some of his singles:
Unidos Para La Musica
Break 4 Love
Bleeding Heart
Love to Love you

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