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House Remixes Making Good Songs Sound Even Better

OK, I know better is an opinion so let me switch that to danceable. (winky wink ; )

House Music and Dancing go hand in hand like a peanut butter and banana sandwich (Elvis's favorite). There are lots of wonderful songs out there just waiting to be danced to. If you are familiar with the clubbing scene you well know that each song you hear on pop radio has it's own fine tuned dance version for the clubs. Good songs made danceable by the pros.

Enter our House Hero's, the DJ, with his sharp ears that can instinctively sink up to and manipulate any pitch, tempo, beat or rhythm. The DJ uses his skills to Remix a song by adding or subtracting elements of the various musical components of the original. A REMIX is an alternate version of the original song. It can be subtle or so altered that it becomes a whole different genre. It is an art.

~ House music is Positive ~
House music does not discriminate
DJ's are lovers of music so there is no song on the planet that cannot be remixed. Here are some examples of some great House Remixes. See if you can recognize the original. Enjoy!

Original = Enter Sandman by Metallica
Does this group sound familiar?
Well this UK band known as Simply Red originally formed back in 1985 and had many memorable hits in the US such as Holding Back the Years and If You Don't Know Me By Now. The band is still together and put out this track called Sunrise in 2003.

Here is the Video for the song which inspired Sunrise. The original I Can't Go For That by Hall & Oates which came out in 1982. Which do you like better?

Just for fun another demonstration that House Music does not discriminate.

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