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A House Music Mix you Can Feel

Hello again my house music loving peeps. As usual, I've been surfing the web to expose you to new, fresh examples of what House Music is. I will admit I don't do it for you but because I need a constant fix for my unappeasable need for new music to dance to.

Thanks to this blog you can join me on this journey. I hope your having fun because as soon as I stop typing this you know im pushing the chair back and dancing.

10 Minute House Mix by DJ Rags

"Haunted House" Quentin Harris
"Put Your Back In It" Peven Everett
"Never Seen It Coming" Basement Boys f/MudfootFeel This (Robbie Rivera's)
"A Feelin' " DJ Spen f/Jasper Street Company

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SG said...

Sick post!

If you need any tracks let us know! You are doing great things with this blog!


Keep rockin' it!